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Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L Switch Managed 8 x 10/100/1000 +

Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L Switch Managed 8 x 10/100/1000 +
Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L Switch Managed 8 x 10/100/1000 +

Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L Switch Managed 8 x 10/100/1000 +
Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L - Switch - Managed - 8 x 10/100/1000 + 2 x combo Gigabit SFP (uplink) - rack-mountable :: C1000-8T-2G-L (Enterprise Computing > Switches & Hubs). Images for illustration purposes only. Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches provide enterprise-grade network access sized for small businesses.

With a wide range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and port combinations, these easy-to-manage switches provide the performance a modern small office needs. Quiet and compact The compact, fanless design means Catalyst 1000 switches can hide in plain sight in open-plan spaces. Simplified management Catalyst 1000 switches run on classic Cisco IOS and can be configured with an intuitive on-box web UI, making management simple and easy. Enhanced security With Catalyst 1000 switches' larger-scale access-control tables and additional security features, you can segment traffic for greater security. Power over Ethernet With a range of PoE options featuring Perpetual PoE, Catalyst 1000 switches make installing IoT devices as easy as plugging in cables.

The Catalyst 1000 Series switch platform provides a range of options to fulfill almost any small-business network??? All models include an easy-to-use web UI for configuration, management, and monitoring. Intuitive software for monitoring your network You can manage all your Cisco Catalyst IOS switches with Cisco Configuration Professional, a web-based application for monitoring and optimizing your devices and getting contextual support.

Why upgrade to Catalyst 1000 switches Improved hardware - Increased PoE budget More advanced software options - sFlow and IPFIX - IPv6 First-Hop Security Expanded ACL support - Larger-scale access-control tables Accelerate your success with services from Cisco Customer Experience Confidently move to a secure, automated intent-based network with expert guidance, proven experience, best practices, and innovative tools. 2 SFP/ RJ-45 combo uplinks. Internal or external power supply.

The data transfer capacity of the switch per second. The MAC address is the'Media Access Control Address'. It is a unique address given to a network interface controller (NIC) in a device.

A MAC address table shows the addresses in a table format. Using a website/web application to manage something. Quality of Service (QoS) support. A network switch is a computer networking device that links networking segments. A switch has different layers, such as layer 2 (a network bridge, operating at the data link layer, interconnecting a small number of devices) and layer 4 (can act as a firewall, amongst other things). What switch device has, managed or unmanaged. A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) consists of a group of computers and switches that can be physically distributed over different networks and buildings, but form one LAN on a logical level.

A Medium Dependent Interface (MDI) describes the interface (both physical and electrical) in a computer network from a physical layer implementation to the physical medium used to carry the transmission. Ethernet over twisted pair also defines a medium dependent interface crossover (MDIX) interface.

Auto-MDIX ports on newer network interfaces detect if the connection would require a crossover, and automatically chooses the MDI or MDIX configuration to properly match the other end of the link. The different speed levels of the Ethernet LAN connection. A full-duplex system allows communication in both directions, and unlike half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously. The product can use Oracle 10G, which is a database management system introduced in 2003.

The way in which the network is working, e. IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g. IEEE 802.1AX, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1ab, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1s, IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1x, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3z.

The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely stored. The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely operated.

Mean time between failures (MTBF). Statistical model used to indicate product/mechanism reliability; expressed in hours and percentage of duty cycle. This number (in hours) does not indicate the mean time before failure for a single unit/mechanism. The amount of memory, usually measured in bytes e. MB, GB, which is installed in the system's hardware.

Type of memory in the device e. The clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz) at which a computer performs its most basic operations such as adding two numbers. There are more factors, like internal memory size, that influence a computer's actual response time. The model number for the processor in a computer.

USB 2.0 ports quantity. Number of USB 2.0 ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. USB 2.0 was released in April 2000 (now called "Hi-Speed"), adding higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s or 280 Mbit/s), USB 2.0 ports are usually black. Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports type. The type/category of basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports (sockets). Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports quantity. The number of basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports (sockets). The maximum amount of power used by the device. Amount of power consumed by this model, often expressed in watts (W). Typical values that manufacturers give are power consumption when off, standby/suspended mode, typical use, maximum usage. 0.13 - 0.22 A. The voltage of the AC electricity that is inpitted into the product. The device supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is one of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras.

Authentification means proving identity to gain access to sometheng. There are various types of authentification exist e.

Access card, password, biometric data. The measurement of the product from head to foot or from base to top. The distance from the front to the back of something.

The measurement or extent of something from side to side.

Cisco Systems Cisco Catalyst 1000-8T-2G-L Switch Managed 8 x 10/100/1000 +